Saturday 19 October 2013

Mail Art

I seem to be getting my 'mojo' bac which has been in hibernation for too long.  So long, that I thought it had gone all together!

Just being on my own in the garden studio - looking out onto the chooks running around, the autumn leaves blowing off the trees - and yes the rain too - is very calming - no distractions.
Hmm - does this look a too  bright?  Might be the scanner
This one done on a different scanner is truer to the colours I think - or somewhere in between.

I am putting them up on cork boards in here - it certainly brightens up the room - and for once it is my own work - not other folks.  I have those on other boards.

Thank you for visiting - time for lunch


Looking at it with .new eyes. this morning on here, I think ti needs a quote or something to break up the big expanse of space