Saturday 8 December 2012

Creating Calm

There is quite a bit going on here at the momemt - and my head is spinning with all sorts of things, so I thought I would 'calm my mind' by going to the end of my garden (it's freezing cold) into my studio shed, whack up the heaters and try to 'get lost'.in play.

These are by no means works of art of any worth - but playing with polymer clay I find very  theraputic.  There is something about it that distracts me - the working of it with my hands, the soothing feel of it squishing it into a mould - a bit like dough, or real clay.
This is a Sculpy moulded face from a set I have, and 'she' has been squished about a bit,  stamped on with rubber leaf stamps to make impressions around her face.  Not sure how successful it's been - it looks like she is giving me the 'evil' eye - but that is the result of too much paint pooling under it!  The white dot is a pool of dried varnishing fluid - a hole for hanging her on something - but I might add a gem and use her flat. 
This is the result of another 'lost in play' piece.  I might just trim off all the surrounding clay just leaving the silver ingot in the middle.
Here is how he looks under a light bulb - very shiny - which I achieved by using rub on silver, then added a coat of wax.  The wax does give it a 'dulled down' kind of shine and adds more depth to it which I quite like.

It's a one off so I can't make another.  

I just might cut away the backing and add him to a thick piece of polymer clay and bake him again - then I can add a chunky bale at the back to turn him into a necklace.

Or I might not!