Saturday 10 October 2009

Vintage Tote - with vintage crochet.

As per usual the photos do not do this justice. The crochet lace is a rich cream - like a weak coffee coloured and hand crocheted by someone with love years and years ago.

I found it in an Antique shop in the village which was closing down when we first moved here. It was a little table doily. I only bought it because on close examination, I thought of all the hours a genteel lady would have spent crocheting each individual circle and then attaching them. No two are exactly the same - which I love and gives it a quirky and individual slant

The material is gorgeous - came from the same shop. It is really thick upholstery material and very old - but it was in a clean bag and smelt of lavender at the time - so I bought it - and they have sat in a drawer for the past ten years - until I got the sewing 'bug' and have spent two days making this.

It is perfectly symmetrical and flat - it's just that when I hung it up to take a photo it opened slightly.

I wish you could see the rich creaminess of the crochet - maybe I will try to take a photo of it on a different background. The craftsmanship of it is exquisite.

One side has four pieces - and the other three, I seem to have a 'thing' about odd numbers! There are four on the handles - stitched front and back so that they envelope the strap

My fingers are so sore from sewing on each piece - and it has taken me hours and hours to do so. I think I will have to rest them for a few days - and do some inky craft work.

The richness of the material is amazing - you can bury your face in it - it feels just wonderful and velvety.

I will have trouble parting with this - if I do it will go to a very special person!