Wednesday 11 March 2009

BIA Note Books

Wednesday afternoons, if possible, I like to chill out in my studio, after a morning of 'full on' concentration at college in the morning.

Sometimes I sit there, with every good intention of creating something - and nothing springs to mind.

This afternoon was one such session. Not a glimmer of anything arty, not a spark of inspiration.

So I fell back on 'Plan B' - and relaxed making a couple of notebooks, just for the sake of making something, and 'switching off'.

The front and back covers were made out of mount board, so nice and sturdy. I covered the mount board and collaged everything else onto it. Not a stamp was in sight!

Not like me at all - but very therapeutic just sit and play, and these will come in handy for village fundraising projects later in the year no doubt,

The insides are lined notepads from a supermarket which I dismantled, and punched with the BIA.

Steph's Blog Candy

Steph's away on holiday, and to ensure that her blog doesn't get lonely she has offered some blog candy.

Have a great time Steph - looking forward to your return.