Tuesday 19 January 2010

Fixing a mess - the artistic way.

I have a confession to make - I did an image transfer that went wrong - big time - it flaked off in lots of places.  It was on one of the hessian bags I have been using lately.  I spent half an hour picking off the flakes that would peel off - and sanding down/off those that wouldn't before applying another transfer on top - and the same thing happened but not quite so bad.

So I decided to rescue it - and paint over it with acrylic paints.

It was rather liberating painting with big gloops of acrylic!

I had nothing to lose as it was messed up any way
so I went all 'Monet' -ish!

Where there were renmants of writing showing through
where I had painted - I just wrote over with a Promarker
It's all gobbledegook!

There was a big chunk of the lady missing so this
was rather a challenge - but it looks fine from a
distance which is how you are supposed to view paintings

The bag is lined with sealed plastic - so its a great surface to paint
on - it doesn't soak through to the other side!

That's another fine mess I got myself out of Ollie!

Just quick chicken post - for me - then I'll be getting back to crafting again.

My first egg of this year - don't know who laid it - but it was lovely and warm

The new triplets are settling in nicely - it is still 'them and us'
but it was the first day after all!

Scrabble has taken to perching - you can tell it's her and  not
the new wheaten, as Scrabble has more black on the tip of her tail

Just up and out for the day

They are such a joy and so sweet and intelligent

This is the new bantam babe - notice that she has less
 black feathers on the top of her tail?

The partridge girls

Aren't they so cute - you can see how tiny they are;
the dish they are all eating out of is a little budgie cage container!

And this is old lady Gozzie a rare Rosecomb
looking  a bit put out at all the fuss I am making!