Sunday 18 May 2014

In the garden

I have been spending quite a bit of time in the garden working on the shady borders in the early morning and the sunny ones once the sun has gone it.

 Click on photos to enlarge
 These are all for my benefit really
 sp that  I have a record of what spring flowers
 I have and where
 as all too soon they fade and die down
until next Spring
 This time of year the shrubs look really fresh and lush
 The beds are absolutely weed free!
 This long bed is the chooks favourite for scratching around for insects and worms
 The alliums are a bit thin this  year!
 'Kath's Border'  is looking really good this spring - around the garden room
I'll take a picture of the long border this week - there are some plants just coming into flower!
But this side of Kath's flower bed is the chooks favourite
they spend a large part of the day just laying side by side in a row
fast asleep in the sunshine - so cute!
Dolly gets bored easily so only naps for a short time then off she goes
you can see her at the end of the bed - deciding whether or not to wake them up.
And she did!