Wednesday 11 February 2009

Paper Beads

Today I have had a go at making paper beads for a swap I am entering.

I couldn't get a photo in daylight - so these look slightly darker than they do in 'real life'

Because they are all made by hand - no two are exactly the same, which I think adds to their charm.

They are made with a strip of paper - these were 1" x 9" which I then cut diagonally.

Next I glued the reverse of the paper, and rolled each one up onto a cocktail stick, starting with the widest end first which gave them their shape

Then I rolled each one on a clear ink pad and then dipped it in a little pot of UTEE, used a heat gun to melt it, and repeated that at least four times, turning the bead as I went.

I had a play with glass beads and wire too. One bead (which I have set aside on the right) I made using a left over straight strip and it looks just like some Japanese beads I have. So I am going to experiment making some of those - as they cost a fortune to buy!

Altered Box

I altered this cardboard domino box which you can see if you click the link, and turned it into this...............for a lovely lady.

(As usual, click any image for an enlarged photo)

It took three coats of Gesso to hide all the pictures, and I painted all of it inside and out and underneath. Left it to dry overnight. The next task was to swipe over some ink - to make it look grainy. That took all morning the next day to soak in and dry.

It was then that I stamped onto tissue paper, in black ink, the image, and once dry glued it onto the lid of the box.

The next day, I painstakingly painted it all with a tiny paintbrush - some places took several coats to get the depth of colour. The creamy white background along the outer edges is the 'woodgrain' effect I made with the Gesso and ink (it's not all hidden under the dark paint)

I then used UTEE to cover the image - to protect it - that took four coats of melting and maneuvering to get it to flow over the butterfly panel.

The next day I gave it two coats of acrylic paint - in burnt sienna to cover the creamy stained sides and edges.

The next day I embossed the top edges with copper embossing powder.

And lastly rubbed over all the burnt sienna paintwork with a copper rub and buff metal paint - waited for it dry and shined it all up to give it a nice sheen and to make it look solid. Which sadly these photos do not show!

I took the photos in a rush on Sunday morning as we were going away to the coast for the night - but I wanted to finish it and wrap it up and get it in the post the next day on the way back.

Lastly I wrapped in tissue a few little surprises, and used petals and leaves from a spray of artificial flowers which I pulled apart.

What it lacks in 'talent', I think is made up for with effort LOL, and I had great pleasure in making it for a particular person - to fit in with their 'other life' apart from their art work.

It felt like a wooden box when I had finished with it - and I have to admit to feeling rather chuffed that for a few pennies, and lots of patience, you can create your own little work of art without a huge amount of materials.

And yesterday, it arrived at it's destination hundreds of miles away!