Tuesday 3 March 2009

Second attempt at Vintage Inches

I am determined not to let 'inches' defeat me - so here is my next attempt this afternoon. The photos are all larger than the actual inches!

These are vintage Japanese drawings - I have added stamped calligraphy and edged the borders.

These two little children were dressed up as clowns - and pretty grim they looked too - so they are my S M I L E duo.

Circa 1920's - a posed wedding photo and a bathing belle - with added stamping and borders

These are my two faux oil paintings. Definitely vintage!

Really vintage - Egyptian wall painting, edged with Kyrlon 22kt gold and stamped images - which are not showing up. The last one is a bit of roaring twenties fun - a 'Show Girl'

I think that these will be OK to send in - so off to put my name down.

Inches again

I thought I would have another go at inches, and if they worked out O.K. I would join a swap.

I should have check the site for details first - but by this time I was in my studio and couldn't be bothered to face the rain to come indoors to find out.

When I did, these were totally wrong. The theme is vintage-and these are vintage stamps - but they don't really fit the criteria and there should be nine and not six.

So off I went to try again.

Waste not want not tag

I had a bit of distress ink left on my crafting mat - and didn't want to waste it - so I swooshed it over a bit of mount board and made a quick Father Christmas tag