Thursday 4 February 2010

Spring cleaning at the palace - and eight eggs in total this year

dAfter the past few weeks of snow, rain, mist, fog, frost, ice, and a repeat performance of the list - Peckinghan Palace was looking a bit dingy, so I decided to give it a spring clean
The money I invested in the palace was well spent.
I slid off the roof, lifted out the back, and took off the egg hatch door.

The outdoor tap was still frozen so it was the old fashioned method I used.
A bucket of warm water with some disinfectant in it.
I emptied the 'litter' trays.
I gave all the surfaces a quick scrub and wiped them dry.

I sprinkled Stalosan on top of the Hemcore - I have been using it for years.  It is a powdered form of disinfectant, anti-bacterial, etc and it also keeps the palace smelling fresh and clean.

I also use it in the nest box area where they lay their eggs.  Scrabble tends to sleep in there at night.  The reason for the green seed tray, is for Daisy's benefit.  She tends to take over the whole nest box when laying an egg - or just contemplating it and gets very grouchy if anyone wants to share.  But having a separate tray for her - has solved the problem.

I probably should have posted these photos in a different order - this is just to show you how easy the trays slide out for emptying.

The plastic roosting bars seem almost non-stick - and only needed a quick wipe over both sides - no risk of red mite in this Peckingham Palace that's for sure

There we go - in less than an hour it looks like new again - the back top panel is just drying off

The girls were keeping a close eye on the spring clean and having quite a cluck about it

Daisy being the top and very chic chick decided to do a bit of casual preening, trying to act all nochanlant  - but taking a keen interest in what I was doing

Teeny Poppy did a running commentary on the process - but Snowy got rather bored and went off to do some serious insect searching

Poppy decided to chat to Gozzie instead - who actually paid some attention to her - she is too polite to do otherwise

Daisy was in chicken heaven having discovered a nest of insects by the strawberry pots

Twiggy was checking out my efforts in the run and deciding whether to help me spread out the hemcore

Having been a show girl she decided it might mess up her pedicure so had a little snack instead!  Which I thought was priceless considering how she had spent the morning digging over the flower beds chomping at worms
Snowy and Poppy were deeply engrossed in their search for insects, and judging by the excited squawks coming from them - they were having great success

Twiggy has finished her snack and can't decide what to do next

Scrabble is looking like she had a late night - but she is getting old and it will soon be time to go in to roost

Hmm - she's twisting her foot - I will have to keep an eye on her.  She is prone to 'leg' trouble at her age, but it might just be what she is doing today - she always makes funny stances - often standing on one leg like a stork - especially if the ground is cold and wet - but she can stay in the nice warm run if she wants too!

She's OK now!   Well I can't be standing here any longer

But they are so fascinating!  Always up to mischief and fun.
I am getting cold - so off to tidy the things away - I will be back out again soon when they go in to roost