Sunday 25 January 2009

Metal Work

I was rummaging in my studio and I heard 'thump' and bent down to see what had fallen down behind the shelves.

And found this.

I made this pewter plate 32 years ago - and now the 'art' is all the rage again.

I did evening classes in the little village I lived in, and remember covering wooden boxes with copper, making inlaid pictures in lids - in fact lots of things. I gave them all away as presents - but this one has been stuffed in the bottom of boxes, at the back of cupboards, etc each time I have moved home. It has taken quite a bashing over the years but seems to have survived unscathed.

As it is all the rage I thought I would resurrect it and put it on show in my 'studio' shed.

You may be wondering how I made the plate.

It started out as a piece of wood (plywood probably, I can't remember. MDF wasn't invented in those days.) It was cut out in the shape of a plate. I didn't cut it out - we used to buy 'things' from the tutor ready to cover.

I remember that I chose to use Pewter for a change - which was more challenging (and more expensive) than copper - so it took me quite a while to do. The back of the 'plate' is covered with black felt like material.

The metal came on a roll and we used to buy a piece of it. It didn't have a sticky back like you get today.

I remember, having finished it - I applied some patina to age it - and felt very pleased with myself as I think it must have taken a whole term to complete - and is probably the reason I hung onto it.

I still have a roll of copper - its rather thick though and has 'aged' with the patina look already. What am I saying 'already' I have had it 30 years!

I think the 'stuff' you get from 10 Second Studios is in sheets and probably and heck of a lot thinner - so I am not sure that this will be suitable for today's 'art'