Monday 16 February 2009

BIA Note Book and Tag

Someone beginning with 'j' has been ill in bed with flu - so I have made something for her to maybe cheer her up.

It is a little Bind it All notepad. I cut out a piece of card stuck on some white paper and painted a little scene.

(You'll need a bit of imagination for this). It is supposed to be a corner of my pond in spring. A bit green with algae before the oxygenating plants kick in. At the top left is the first plant of the year to flower in there - the marsh marigold. There are some stems in bud, amd tufts of water iris just appearing like grass.

The bead on the ribbon is one I made - faux ivory - it and the thread dangle on the book cover to soften the edge - but I moved it so that you could see the picture.

While I was in the mood I thought I would send a little gift tag too.

Finished off with a bit of thread, and a black bead I made edged with gold ink.