Thursday 10 November 2011

Jewellery Lesson No.2.

Well it wasn't a one to one lesson this time - so I struggled somewhat, and the technique took longer, but I did make a necklace and a bracelet.

So this is the bracelet - the big bead is central - I've just photographed it wonky.
The beads have a metallic finish except for the crystal ones.
 I used three beads to make the third charm from each end.

This is the charm style pendant.  
The tutor chooses the style and we get to choose the beads.
This weeks lesson concentrated on wirework - making loops etc.
Which we really stuggled with - but practice makes perfect and all that!

I have put beads either side of the clasp fastening, as I always struggle trying to find it when I try to do it up at the back.  There are a couple of glass beads with oriental calligraphy on them which are sweet.

This afternoon, I whizzed up the shop to buy some beads to make some earrings to match my bracelet.
More fiddley wire work - but I am finding it easier now.
Here is the bead board that Kath was using, when I visited her, and her red tweezers.
I am glad that I really concentrated when she was explaining things.

Here is a bracelet I am working on - I bought the chain, but forgot to buy the clasps, so back I'll go tomorrow to get some.
If you do jewellery making and don't have one of these boards they are great.  They are moulded plastic, and the top is suede like, so that prevents things slipping.  When you cut the wire - which you have to do a lot, instead of the bits of wire flying off sliding across with table, it hits the board and stays there.
The moulded sections are used for your beads and findings etc, and the measurements make it so easy to centre what you are doing - my bracelet looks askew as I laid it down when I had added the beads, but when making it, I could lay the beads out evenly where the markers are, and jiggle them about to get the design I like best.

   I spent a few happy blissful hours this afternoon, using Kath's board and tweezers and the earring findings are hers too.

And guess what - I found it so easy and never messed up anything!