Monday 10 November 2014

Heather Powers Bon Bon bead workshop

Well - you have seen Heather's Bon Bon beads in the last post below (sigh) and here are my first efforts.  They have taken me most of the day to create - and as you will see I need so much more practice!

This should,  have another layer of leaves but it was the last one I made and was worn out!  It is a really small bead so it doesn't matter - these are my practice ones!
I was rather proud of the cane I made for the leaves though!

These are not my Christmas Bon Bon beads - these are my practice ones.
These should all technically have two layers of leaves but I messed up my leaf canes and didn't have enough.
This doesn't look this bright in real life - this photo makes it look like slices of bacon and salami.

These look so much better in real life - not so shiny and bright.
They have been baked, treated with burnt sienna paint to dull them down and to give definition, rubbed and buffed, and finished with Renaissance Wax to protect them and then buffed until they shine!   But none of it you can see in the photos.  Hey ho!

Thursday 6 November 2014

Heather Powers Bon bon beads - they look good enough to eat

Look at this aren't they amazing?  I just had to sign up for this course.  I know what  you are thinking (That I haven't finished the course that I am currently on) but it doesn't matter!  Once  you have one of Heather's causes you have it for life!  Access to the website, all the videos, all the worksheets and print outs - everything - which is brilliant for those leading busy lives - or just oldies like me!

We are getting to make ALL  of these or any combination or even just one sort - it's up to us.  And like the other course - we get videos, print outs almost like a book or magazine.  I have already printed out all the course work and inspiration for the last course - so just look when I am not at the computer.

Have a look at the site and tell me which ones you like the best - there are so many different ones - they look good enough to eat - and I just can't make my mind up which to make and I need to get a wriggle on and order some more colours.

Thanks for reading - and watch this space next week!

Thursday 23 October 2014

Update on Heather Powers amazing online Cane making course.

I have been beavering away at Heather's fantastic course - in between 'life's events' as usual.  Never enough hours in the day!

I can honestly say that I have never taken such an in depth course in all my life!  It's a four week course - but once you have subscribed it stays up forever!  And I for one will need it too.

The amount of videos showing clear step by step instructions have to be seen to be believed.  So much better for someone like me to actually see 'live' how to create each stage of the cane rather than just reading about it!  Each project not only comes with videos, but print outs too showing every single stage - an absolute boon for me with a hearing loss!  Heather shares all her 'tips and secrets' and there are pages and pages of step by step full colour course notes, with professional photos of  each stage.  It's awesome - to think that it has taken her years to evolve and develop her amazing techniques through trial and error and she is generously sharing then with us.  I have a lever arch file of her A4 pages of instructions - stage by stage - of colour photos for each element and project.  Lots of internet links, 'recipes' for each project, inspiration links, mood boards - finished projects with the beads etc.......the list is more than I can type here!

So what I have I been making - well as a beginner - a lot of mess!  My old bent fingers aren't as user friendly as they used to be, so my dragon fly cane ended up looking like a squished mosquito.  But never fear, I will try again and the polymer clay never gets wasted - not one little bit.  So my failed dragonfly cane ended up recycled as marbled beads!
But after 'sitting' on them for a couple of weeks, I realized that in all truthfulness - they do not inspire me one little bit so I will be doing a 'Mr Powers' and mixing them all up into one colour - ready to use again in another project  - of which there are many!
I did have some success in the Cattail Cane which restored my confidence.
 It will be sliced up thinly and used on lots of projects - along with some other canes - talking of which!
I am mightily pleased with the small leaf cane project

Using translucent cane for the outer 'casing' on these projects means that it will 'disappear' when sliced thinly and laid on a bead or whatever so that you just see the veined leaf!
I might even turn a pair of them, with the addition of a body - into a butterfly pendant!

Or am I getting ideas 'above my station'

Friday 10 October 2014

Heather Powers amazing polymer clay cane design bootcamp

Well it has taken me a bit of time to get started on this amazing course.  But I am feeling a lot better now, and spent a few days 'playing' - well part of the days actually!

Not only do you get step by step videos with Heather demonstrating - and sharing her amazing techniques, but also lots of links, lots and lots of information which truly astounded me.  I just thought that it would be a lesson on each of her techniques - but it is so much more than that - and links to sites, lots of her original ideas - and things I would never in a million years would have ever been able to create or imagine you could create with polymer clay - such a cheap product to work with.

This is one of my favourite silk scarves which I used for the inspiration for my cane bead lesson.

 The polymer clay I used for the light stripes was meant to turn out a pale cream but sadly as a beginner, I realised (too late) that I should have used less of the gold colour in the mix as it looks totally different than expected.
I just needed to roll this a bit more to make sure that it is perfectly round,

Here they are baking in my little halogen fan oven
Here are some of the baked green beads made using the green and red cane
Here is the red and cream cane
Here is a bead made from it
And the others I made from it too
I used up the 'rubbish' leftovers to make......
These.  I am sure that I will never use my first experimental
beads - they look nothing like Heather's

BUT I did have the most amazing, relaxing time playing with polymer clay and experimenting.

If you are interested in joining the group  you can click on a link HERE.

Thank you for visiting

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Humblebeads amazing Polymer Clay Cane Design Bootcamp

September 18 - October 9: Polymer Clay Cane Design Bootcamp
Take a four week online course with me to learn how to make a beautiful collection of dragonfly and iris cane beads along with lessons on designing your own canes and finding your voice in polymer clay. Don't miss it! Only 30 spaces are available.

This course is what 'dreams' are made of.

To get to learn the secrets and techniques from Heather Powers, of how to create these stunning and original beads from polymer clay is not to be missed.

I am off to order the polymer clay, drag out my box of tools and dust off my long neglected halogen oven for my first ever lesson.

I have been 'missing' for quite a while and badly neglected all things creative - so this is just the most amazing opportunity to focus my attention on something just for me.  Learn new skills, and made new 'cyber' friends from around the world at the online Boot Camp.

Hope to see some of you there soon.


Tuesday 27 May 2014

R.I.P. Zola Buddy Bantam


My dear little rare breed Game Bird (at the front of this picture 
with the long neck - taken a number of years ago when she was just
a few years old)

Passed away today peacefully.  The above photo she is on the left at the front.
She had a very long life for a rare breed - over 8 years
 She was such a fast runner - hence her being named after the South African Olympic runner Zola Budd!

My Zola was such a character - she was so inquisitive - and ran so fast if there was any 'goodies' thrown out - like chopped up apple cores, or fresh berries, or corn.  I knew that she was winding down, as she was at the bottom of the pecking order, so was last at the food, though she did get plenty.  She spent a lot of time just lying down in the sun (or the shade), rather than chasing around trying to catch flies like the others.
She could fly high above our heads from one end of the garden to the other to get to the treats first.  Absolutely amazing.

My special memory of her was when a few years ago, our then neighbour's side fence blew down and they hadn't told us, and the weather was bad so we had no reason to walk around the back side of the bungalow where it was.    About 5 o'clock in the evening, a chap rang our door bell and said to me........'We have a weird looking little bird in our garden, and we don't know what it is - I don't suppose you could come and catch it could you - only it's so sweet we don't want any of the cats to get it.'

Long story short - it was Zola - but she was rather nervous of the chap, his big dog and me and I just couldn't get her to come to me.

She ignored the corn in my hand, and decided to fly across his garden over a 6ft fence into the next one by the field.  Then when we  in there, she was a bit frightened of this kind hearted man calling her, 'Here chickie chickie'

By this time it was raining hard and pitch black and she suddenly did a vertical take off and flew the length of her garden and over the hedge into the fields beyond.  I trudged home, in the pouring rain with tears streaming down my face, knowing that she was 'lost' and wouldn't survive.

Then a week later, when it was dustbin day, I opened the gate and there she was - waiting outside the gate - and she just marched back in as though nothing had happened, demanding breakfast!

How she survived I do not know.  There is always plenty of food in the fields - grass, insects, weeds, etc - but no streams - so water would be a problem,  Maybe she went into another field where they had sheep, or the one with horses even further away, and drank from their troughs.  I will never know!

I was told her life span would be about 2 to 2.5yrs - so she had a long and happy innings

I now have five little bantams left - all old - but I am still getting half a  dozen or so eggs a week from them - and that's only when they are in the mood in the summer.
They often hide them around the garden too!   But I don't have them for the eggs
but just for the pleasure of seeing them running around the garden getting up to all sorts of
mischief and antics.  They are so entertaining and each day make us laugh!

The remaining bantams are quite a bit older than Zola was, but are still chasing about like spring chickens.  But chooks are funny creatures - they run around as though they are as fit as a fiddle, then can literally go to sleep and not wake up in the morning!

Monday 19 May 2014


Sorry - the garden post below was supposed to be on my allotment lady blog!

Sunday 18 May 2014

In the garden

I have been spending quite a bit of time in the garden working on the shady borders in the early morning and the sunny ones once the sun has gone it.

 Click on photos to enlarge
 These are all for my benefit really
 sp that  I have a record of what spring flowers
 I have and where
 as all too soon they fade and die down
until next Spring
 This time of year the shrubs look really fresh and lush
 The beds are absolutely weed free!
 This long bed is the chooks favourite for scratching around for insects and worms
 The alliums are a bit thin this  year!
 'Kath's Border'  is looking really good this spring - around the garden room
I'll take a picture of the long border this week - there are some plants just coming into flower!
But this side of Kath's flower bed is the chooks favourite
they spend a large part of the day just laying side by side in a row
fast asleep in the sunshine - so cute!
Dolly gets bored easily so only naps for a short time then off she goes
you can see her at the end of the bed - deciding whether or not to wake them up.
And she did!

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Journalling fun!

 I spent another lovely hour making the next page (right hand page) of my journal

The quote on the bottom caught my eye, so I just had to tear it out and use it.
It says:-

'Get ready to  meet your true, powerful, healthy, confident, amazing, self,'

I think that I should use that as my mantra!

These are just random pages - not intended to be part of a theme

I will use Kelly Kilmer's journal prompts at a later date, but for now I am just
enjoying playing - without a theme or 'agenda'.

All I used are torn out scraps from free magazines, a ruler, a pair of scissors, and a glue stick!

Thank you for visiting

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Another journal page inspired by Kelly Kilmer

This afternoon I managed to make another page for my journal
inspired by Kelly Kilmer whose online courses I have bought.
The weather has been cold and wet and miserable
so I thought I would make something that made me feel happy.

The little picture would have come from a magazine - junk mail probably
but she looks absolutely full of joy and positively glows with good health!
The background paper scraps are from rummaging in a drawer.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

My first 'artisan' ceramic bead bracelet

It's pretty dark indoors - no sunshine - torrential, never ending rain outside!  So any painting craft work was not really the thing to do - so I had a rummage in my beads drawer and pulled out a tin with a selection of ceramic beads which I have bought in little collections over the past couple of years.
 Today this little ceramic blue bird arrived in the post, along with four others which inspired me to get those beads out and try and make a bracelet that I would be proud of.
On the internet there are a number of amazing jewellery makers creating wonderful unique works. It's a great feeling to own a unique piece of jewellery.
The blue bird beads I bought from Blueberribeads
Each bead from Grubbi
is individually created by Grubbi and no two are the same.
Which is why I love them
If you are looking for inspiration then head off to Songbeads  blog
I am the proud owner of a few of her creations and it gives me a wonderful
 'lift' to know that no-one else will have a piece of jewellery exactly
 like the ones I have bought.
I decided to try using waxed cord for this bracelet, instead of wire
or a ready made metal chain bracelet. 
I have bought some different colours and thicknesses from Songbeads
so it was a great project to try them out on.
With no instructions to follow I set myself quite a challenge
But with the rain hammering down outside, and Mr Lottie out,
it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon!
Among my Grubbi stash I found this cute little kitten and beads
so she will be my next challenge I think - but I have absolutely no idea
what I will make with them.  Do you?

Wednesday 5 February 2014

An attempt at making a bracelet

I haven't been crafting very much of late.  I have tried - really hard - and made attempts at creating journals - but nothing that I feel good enough to post on here.

I really am missing crafting - so last night I made an attempt at playing with beads.

I needed a bracelet to match a dark olive dress, 
which I wear with a pretty red and dark green 
and purple/plum silk scarf.

After a rummage in my bead tin I found just the right beads to match.  They have a lovely sheen to them and when they catch the light they have a rainbow of the olive and purple shades - it's like looking in a puddle on a summers day when you see those oily colours!  

There were only ten of them - but just enough for a bracelet with the added olive shades of the matte finished beads I used in between. 

 I found the old Chinese coin in my button box!  I think folks use them in crafting - but I like the flat disk, it feels comfortable on my wrist being flat, and it stays central, rather than with just beads that move around quite a bit and often the connectors ends up on top and not the nice focal beads.

Shame about the dark photos - roll on summer sunshine

Wednesday 15 January 2014

A life made by hand journal page 3

I will never look at the Sunday supplements as 'rubbish','junk' a 'waste of paper' again.

I have been looking through them with 'different' eyes for supplies and inspiration
for art journalling.   Gluing and sticking is probably a better term for what I am 
doing at the moment.  The 'art' perhaps will come later!

 The background and wording and the backing paper
are all from the Sunday supplement magazines.

The  blue backing paper is in fact a shuttering on a window which I managed to cut enough little strips, and turned them on the side and shaded!
I have inked around the lettering to make it show up - I think that was from a food advert which I cut and took out the words I wanted to turn into a prompt!

This is the journalled page.
I am not being 'picky' about my writing as Kelly Kilmer said not too.
I think that it will improve if I could find a pen that will write better on shiny paper
and also if I practice writing more.  I have been typing for so long on a computer
my writing has suffered as a consequence!

If any of you know of a pen that will definitely work on shiny surfaces I would very much appreciate the name and a link too if possible.

Thank you for looking

Sunday 12 January 2014

A life made by hand - journal page 2

I managed to get another journal page done this afternoon.
This course differs from the others in that it is not an arty painty
type journal - its more like the very old original idea of scrapbooking
of 50-60 years ago - but with the twist of journalling  your thoughts.

I am not photographing this one close up as I have journalled 
from a prompt  and it is personal to me.

It is very liberating just cutting and gluing, then picking a prompt
totally unrelated to the pictures - and just write.

Kelly Kilmer stressed not to worry about our handwriting, as it doesn't
have to be beautiful - one just has to write what flows out of our brain.

A first for me!