Thursday 8 October 2009

Anyone for Quail

I am making the most of my internet connection while it is working - its so flaky at the moment - if I don't post it is because I can't get a connection.

We are getting to the end of our 'meat' year so eating up all the odds and ends in the freezer before re-stocking over the winter.

I used to keep quail - but last year I sold off my breeding flock at the end of the season - and decided it was best not to start again this year. I do miss them though.

When you breed quail - you get more males than females unfortunately - so they have to be dispatched - which I had to take responsibility for.

Here are the last four in the freezer - having had a lovely pampered life - and a glorious summer.

I popped them in the steamer tray - a couple are wrapped in bacon. They are nestled in tomatoes, onions, shallots, and little yellow courgettes.

In went the butternut squash and the other veggies - and on they all went to cook.

When it was all cooked, I left the veggies in the steamer to keep warm and just browned off the quail - I like the 'roasted' look, and thickend the juices they were cooked in.

The butternut squash I mashed on my plate with a fork - it was all delish!

I love bright colours on my plate - and the fact that everything keeps its colour and nutrients is a bonus.

We have also had this week, fresh tuna steaks - which I love nibbling chunks raw as I am cooking them - they only take 2 minutes to cook - its amazing how many people over cook them. I made a risotto to go with them.

Today I whizzed out into a nearby town to have my hair cut - and browsed a few charity shops - more of that another day too - I am getting a backlog of posts!

I have to confess that we had junk food today - I had a craving - fish and chips, from a very nice shop and cooked to perfection. I haven't had any since we went to Cromer on the coast on Father's Day - it was such a treat - and nice to have a day off from cooking.

1990 'Exclusive vintage material'......

If anyone has seen photos of my studio shed or visited it - they will recognize this material immediately.

I was surprised to find that I hadn't recycled the left over pieces of the 1990 exclusively designed and copyrighted material which I found in a charity shop and used to make some (rather basic) curtains for outside in my 'shed'.

It's funny how you look at things a different way when you start a new hobby isn't it.

Before this material was just a bit of 'tat' now the small pieces I have left are a new found treasure.

A close up of a piece of the large inside pocket - to try and show you the gold 'paint' they pattern on it. It was that which attracted me to the material in the first place - and the price of course.

Whereas before the material was just means of a draft excluder and to keep the sun out - now I see it in a whole new light.

It's pretty and bright - and original - and I really like the way that the gold catches the light - it didn't need any other embellishing except the dainty vintage lace from Very Mary.

You might get a better idea of the gold if you click you enlarge.