Tuesday 6 July 2010

Art Journal - first page.

At last I got to make a start on my journal.
 I can't go into explicit details as it would be unfair to Carol whose workshop it is, and the other ladies who all paid to go on the course.  The fee is very reasonable so if you fancy joining in, just click on her name above which will take you to  her blog.

I've made a start on colouring my paper - what'd you think Gozzie?
No - that's not how they showed us in the course work - I am just experimenting.
Oh I see - that bad huh?  It'll look better when it's dry - and don't keep walking off with a petal!
It's bright today so sadly the colours are looking washed out.
They turned out shades of pale green one side with a hint of purple and the other side turned out shades of vintage browns.

I was surprised - nay - amazed at how they dried and now they are ready to embellish
It's a shame I just couldn't capture the actual colours which are much richer and warmer. 
I think it's going to be a journal of techniques and favourite images etc
This page is dedicated to transfers
And burning stuff to fit cos scissors are banned!
I'll have to have another rummage tomorrow to find something for the next page.
I won't be showing every page I make - it takes too long, but will show snippets