Tuesday 22 June 2010

Even Silence Speaks

After receiving Jo's card this morning - I gave myself a good talking to and spent the afternoon in my garden craft shed - Mr Lottie insists I call it a studio - but I do feel a bit silly as that conjures up an artist!

I am in a swap and had a large-ish jigsaw piece to alter and a small one - so I had a go with Jasmin in her 'flaky chocolate mood'

It's not very easy doing a jigsaw puzzle piece I found - and the colours on here are much more vibrant by the way.

On Jo's 'Imagine' card - she created a lovely white misty edging.  I have had a go at it, but I wasn't as bold as I was too scared of messing up the puzzle piece!

Jasmin has just finished all her exams and is just laying in a meadow dreaming of what to do during the summer hols. 

She's doesn't like the sun, so is lying in the misty shade.
(Excuse the mark over her eye - it's not a mark but a bit of stray paper!)

All she can hear is the whisper of the long grasses and the only breeze is that from the butterfly wings as they dance around her head.

Hmmm- sounds like heaven!

I am including this is the Lots to Do Challenge this week.

The other little puzzle piece couldn't have been more different if I had tried

Black and white.

Painted  the puzzle white - making  sure that it was textured, then tranferred the image to it, masked it and stamped on the script.

There is a big size difference isn't there!

Stamps used - Jo Capper Sandon's for Stampotique available from Happy Daze - link in side bar.

Jasmin, butterfly, tall grass stem, and 'Even silence speaks' which I have stamped and cut into segments.


Do you sometimes  get those days when you feel the 'world's' against you, nothing goes right, and you wish you hadn't bothered to get up in the morning?

Well today was one of those days

I walked into the village to post some 'things' (dressed and looking like Miss Havisham!) and had a 'funny turn' in the Post Office - I am sure those in the queue must have thought me the local drunk as I lost my balance and grabbed hold of a card stand - which happened to be a swivel one!  Still a gentleman (yes there are a few about) held it upright or else I would be spinning around now!  I just said that I was a bit dodgy on me feet today - well I was!

The village greens of which we have a few - have benches to sit upon - and they were being sat upon by folks in shorts, and tee shirts soaking up the sun and watching the world go by!  Grrrr - jealously is not a flattering trait to have!

I decided to march home the longer way around - not a good idea when you are carrying a bag with 4 frozen lamb shanks, some frozen bacon bits, and some tenderloin chops - they weighed a bit heavy!

It didn't do me any good - I still felt fed up - until that is, I unlocked the porch door and saw an envelope on my mat!  I dumped the bag, threw off my hat, shawl, long sleeved waterfall cardi, sunglasses, switched on the fan, and flopped down to try and guess who had sent me something.

Do you do that?  Or is it only something old people do cos they don't have anything better to waste their time on?

I didn't recognize the post mark - nor the hand writing - hmm - baffled.

I opened the envelope - and there was another inside - curiouser and curiouser. 

Then I gently prized it open and look what was inside

Well that really lifted my spirits and made my day.  How on earth did that famous lady get my address?

What a treasure and it looks even better in my hand than it does on the blog - can you believe that, as it looks gorgeous on the blog.    I haven't a clue what I have done to deserve it - but I really don't care as it shook me out of my grouch, the sun has gone in - pure bliss - and all's right with the world!

Thank  you so very much Jo for the wonderful surprise - it made my day and I will treasure the card and try and have a go at your brilliant colouring technique.

And another nice surprise - a little dickie bird has told me that a new consignment of Jo' stamps for Stampotique, will be winging their way to Happy Daze  very soon (this week with a bit of luck I hope)

They are selling like hot cakes so if there is one you fancy, I would hot foot it over to the site and reserve it before they sell out!

I am off to sit and gaze some more at my 'Imagine being able to fly' surprise.

Hmmm,  How did she find out my address?