Wednesday 7 November 2012

Paint Brush Bucket for Happy Daze

I am this months guest 'Designer' for Happy Daze
I know what you are thinking, and I thought that too when they asked me.
But it's great to be invited to create three items to brighten up the month - and it just proves that someone like me, who can't make a card for toffee, and who is definitely not a designer in any way can be picked.  They really do look at your blogs when you join in the challenges.

 I have been 'rummaging around' the Happy Daze shop looking for something different for Christmas presents, and I was not disappointed.
I've found something that will be great for children and adults.
It's lined with plastic so it can hold water,  
It packs flat so it's cheap to post!
It's  brilliant - so much so you'll want to buy one for yourself too!
It's a collapsable Paint Brush Bucket!
I've found different uses for mine - but first I decided to personalise it.
I stamped on two of the sides using brown acrylic paint.
 I've never tried doing that before so I was a bit apprehensive - but it was easy.
I spread brown paint on a washable flat surface, then just gently tapped the stamps on it, checking that the stamps have an even covering.  If you put too much paint on your stamp on your first attempt, don't be tempted to use it - just wipe the stamp clean, and try again; if it is too thick and gloopy you won't get a clear image, and clean your stamp/s as soon as you have stamped  your images as paint dries quickly and  you might not get it properly clean if you leave it.
 Leave the bag to dry properly, then colour you image in. 
 I have multi uses for mine.  As you can see, its holds lots of paintbrushes.  I have a number of very tall ones too, so decided to make the most of the bag by storing everything in one place.
This is one of those big chilli con carne tins which I have covered.
 I was looking through my old ATC collection for inspiration, and realised that those little works of art hardly ever see daylight!
 So I scanned some into the computer and printed them off and used them to decorate the tin, which fits nicely into the middle of the Paint Brush Bucket
 This is great as it holds my watercolour pencils too! All neat and in one place.  I'll be getting another for my colouring pencils, Promarker pens, and water colour crayons.
When I am ready to paint I just lift out the pot of paintbrushes, and pop in a lidded jam jar full of water or a big yoghurt pot!  There are so many other uses: for all my polymer clay tools - they'll be near to hand and tidy on my desk ready to use,  instead of hidden away in a drawer, ditto my jewellery making tools, colouring pencils etc

More ideas...... decorate one very girly with pretty stamped images, add embellishments, flowers etc. and do the same for a boy with another colour.  Add a name tag too to presonalise it.  If you don't have time to personalise one - just buy some for presents.  They are so cool and great for arty crafty friends and children
Am I allowed to say how much they are?
£3.80  I'm not being a 'cheapskate' but they do make really lovely presents - for adults and children alike!  What a bargain!

Yes, with Happy Daze, you sure can brighten up the month, and make birthday and Christmas presents at the same time!

Go on, give it a go, and do send me a link as I would love to see what you create.

And thanks so much for looking - and if I can do something anyone can - so all my three 'makes' are easy peasy.