Friday 21 September 2007

Little Girl Shoes - Hand drawn or painted for ATCards swap

Daisy shoes

Ladybird flip flops

Angels wings flip flops - size small!

Ooo Ollie

The above is for a black and white swap on Zuzu's forum.

The word 'art' is a cut out card which I painted white, them embossed - so to the naked eye it is shiny and bright.

I painted the black card even blacker to make it all contrast better - so too the white and black lettering. Laurel and Hardy's images were painted black and highlighted with white.

The marks on can see on the black jacket are not on the ATC but were on the glass of my scanner - so it looks jet black really and no smudges

Metal foil experiment

This design I did in the same way as the water iries below.

Freestyle design - a bit 'Art Deco'. Japanese Quince embossed on metal foil, then painted with glass paints.

Mounted on a thick royal blue crepe paper which I had drawn a quince design in silver, then the whole thing was mounted on thick card.

The paper it is photographed on is black - so to the little framework - would you believe!

It does look very much brighter in real life!

Playing with metal foil

This ATC is embossed metal.

I 'drew' a picture on the back of the metal - then turned it over and went over the outline - then painted it.

Hard to see in the photo - but they are stylised blue water irises rising out of a pond, with rushes.

Its mounted on a water colour painted background which matches the yellow centres of the irises