Thursday 29 August 2013

I don't 'do' ATCs

Well I do  now!

Sara of Cardmaking Paradise  was hosting an Internations ATC swap when  I logged on to the forum after bringing Mr Lottie back from hospital.    I was pretty tired (understatement) and had lots to 'worry' about - but I thought this was just the challenge I needed to distract me - and it did.

You can read all about it here  and see all the fabulous entrants.  There was a nice long lead in date so it gave me enough time to get my act together.

Yesterday our packages came back.  There was a tutorial on how to made a little book to put them all in.  I am useless at doing things like that - but it was so simple and the ATCs were so lovely that I got stuck in last night and made it!

 We had to make eight ATCs and I made an extra one for myself which I stuck on the front of holder
I was over the moon with the ones I received
From left to right the artists are
Heike, Maggie, Sara, Sue

Glennis, Annie, April and Lainey

Thank you everyone I am thrilled to bits.

It's a fantastic little ATC holder and I have room for 4 more ATC's !!

Not that I am hinting any CMP friends

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Phew - I thought all was lost!!!

I haven't been able to get in to my blog since my last post - and I thought that I would never be able to do so again.

Every time I tried to log in it came up with Blogger Buzz and made me sign up with that - then that wouldn't let me in.

At last I have cracked it - and here I am again.

Well this is a bit askew isn't it - don't know how that's happened!

I had to scan this postcard and it's made it look rather harsh.  

To the naked eye it is much softer and chalkier looking and the dark link above her head in the background does not exist on the postcard - it's on my scanner and I can't get it off!

So here is my effort for this months' postcard swap on the UK Stampers Forum
we could choose any subject but couldn't use any words!

Up my allotment the blackberries are starting to ripen - so this is what inspired me to stamp and paint the Bramble Goddess - using the colours on the brambles

Sunday 4 August 2013

I'm back at last.......

Well it's good to be back - Mr Lottie had his open heart surgery earlier in the month and we are back home.  Doc says it will take about a year to return to full fitness - but hey, that's great - he's got a new lease of life.

I took a few hours off from 'nursing' duties to have a play - and it was great!   I moved a lot of my 'messy' crafting stuff back out into my garden studio (just lifting out drawers and swapping them with the empty ones out there)

On Cardmaking Paradise they are having a 'fun week' where you are set a task to create something.  The next few weeks are going to be pages for a textured book.  The first page was one using buttons - but at that stage I hadn't located or sorted mine out so I just made a texture page!

 I used one of my favourite stamps as inspiration - a mermaid which I stamped on a coaster first then glued it on to the house shape page.  I  broke up some large shells and used chunky bits across the sea bed - gluing htem on with bath sealent to raise them up to give a 3D texture to the underwater scene.
 Some fine dry twigs were painted in sea blues and green and tucked under the shells

I used plasterers 'tape' (which is rough open threaded string like stuff) for the hair, and other sea weed 'flotsom' - I pulled it to bits picking out individual threads and then painted them black for the hair and greens and blues for the sea weed etc - left them to dry - before gluing them on over and under shells, and other sea life

Why on earth I didn't think of using black sewing cotton I do not know - it would  have been much quicker!

I poured a clear selant over the top and left it to dry in the sun.
In 'real life' it really looks wet and as though she is under the sea. I quite like the shiny little painted fish swimming in and out of her hair!