Wednesday 6 July 2011

A blissful afternoon.

The quote of the day to day is:   Talent is a flame - Genius is a fire - well for months now I have been a damp squid as far as crafting is concerned.   Not a spark nor a flicker  - nothing.

Yesterday though I had a wonderful afternoon playing around with flowers in a little village hall about 16 miles from here - and what a joy, mixing with lovely ladies, having fun, and laughter too - and I get to bring home an arrangement I have made - and this is it.

 I love zingy lime green at the moment - the colour just makes me smile for some reason.
Just looking at it is cooling in all this hot weather - so here is my take on a cool dish for a hot day
Blue hydrangeas, lime achemilla mollis, icecream coloured roses

Poppy seed heads, lime green carnations, and stalks of lavender.
Topped off with a 'cool cap' of twisted wire.
Its a mound of foliage on a raised bowl - I'll try to add a side view - tomorrow.