Saturday 21 March 2009

Another BIA book cover

Close up of copper 'shimmer'

I have been so enjoying Jo's technique, that I added more water to the little drop left in the bottom of the mister after yesterday, and used it to make another book cover.

This time I used double the amount of raffia. Sprayed the mountboard twice - letting it dry between sprays. Took off the raffia and gave it a couple of short squirts (technical term LOL) here and there.

Stamped the image in the middle, masked that off, then stamped the wording in sepia on top.

I didn't set out to make lots of note books - but having been inspired to try out new things, and having a free supply of mount board - I thought I might as well combine both and make some books - for fund raising or gifts.

This is the biggest book so far approximately 5" x 7" and is going to be really chunky as I have cut up a thick wodge of A4 paper for it.

So, now that I have used up all the liquid in the mini mister - I shall have to find something else to do next week.

But first I have three notebooks to make with this and the other two covers.

Click to enlarge the photos - you can actually see the effect of the copper Cosmos powder in the 'mix'.