Monday 17 October 2011

Bring on the girls!

You haven't been seeing much of my girls lately - so much going on!  You can see Daisy, Maudie and can you see Dolly in amongst the flowers

I cleaned out their run and Peckingham Palace on Saturday
Here they are giving it an inspection and spreading the bedding around

It's hungry work
This was lunch time - after which they spent the rest of the day scratching about in the garden

It must be  4pm - they are gathering outside the kitchen door letting me know it's tea time.

Dolly the Silkie in the foreground has started moulting and has been preening herself.
When the others flew over to join the queue the feathers flew everywhere making a real mess of the lawn.  It rained a few minutes after they went into their run for the evening so I didn't get a chance to feather pick the garden.  Tsk.

Oh dear - I posted this on the wrong blog - it should be on my allotment blog.  I am too tired to retype it - sorry if  you thought it was a work of art!