Wednesday 30 December 2009

The blue pendant

I managed to complete a pendant today - lots of trial and error trying to improvise - like the metal 'roof' which was on the pendant I made on the course.  But for some reason the metal improvised roof would not stick with superglue.

Anyway here it is

I made this with an inch square memory frame with glass.  In 'real life' the frame shiney, almost black with touches of blue.  The insert is a piece of card which I coloured with blue ink, then 'splashed' with dark ink blue, and added tiny little pansies.  For some some reason I just can't get a decent photo - it might be something to do with the glass reflecting the light.  I don't want to make it darker, as when I did that to the TH style tags I made - in the other post - the tags looked fine on my laptop where I edited them, but when I looked at the post on my old computer the pictures looked really dark - so I am in a quandry! The pendant can be worn either way - but the pansy side is what I consider to be the back. 
And this is the front

The tiny photo behind the glass in this frame is a lot clearer and darker as a photo would be. 
The ribbon in her hair is blue, the dress a deep rose pink.  The silver charm I added has been coloured with slate alcohol ink,all the 'grooves' are black, and the raised pattern is tinted blue  with alcohol inks.  I love this - and it will be hard to part with it - but I will - after I have had a week or two to look at it.