Tuesday 23 August 2016

Oh dear, I'm in such a pickle!

I have been plagued with this Bursa for so long, injections haven't worked (the consultant said that they might not, and the last ones haven't)  I think it has addled my brain!

I am back to square one! doing physio three\four times a day, and back to not being able to drive, which is a real nuisance when you live in a village and want to go into town!  In fact, since Mr L bought me the car, I have only driven it once!  But although I am a virtual "prisoner", I can't complain about the "prison and surroundings"

It's an absolute gorgeous village that I live in, it has a little store with a part time post office, there's a fabulous pub, doctors, butcher, newsagent, furniture shop, chemist, two places to eat, 2 hairdressers,
doctors, baker's, and more!  But, I need help with my computer, my son is in Japan with his family and away for a few weeks so I am expert less!  (and there are none that I know of here)

So, until I work out what I have or haven't done,  "it's only words, and words are all I have......"  as the great song goes!

I've digressed sorry........

We needed help to move our shed (made of tin) which was tucked away by one side of the bungalow where the boiler and oil tank are. .  (We have three entrances to our garden, as it is wide rather than long very handy)

Our really, really, oil fired central heating boiler, despite years of resuscitation,  finally gave up the ghost! It was very thoughtful of it to wait until the warmer weather (you do realize that if it wasn't for my hours of begging each day for sunshine, and warmth, you might not be enjoying the summer that we are having! (Sorry, I'll leave out the back story of plumbers in laws)

The plumber is now coming on Monday, yes this Monday (fingers and toes and everything else crossed)

So we had to move our metal shed that is round that side of the bungalow to make room for the chap to work safely (I know what you are thinking but the original gargantuan old boiler is at the other end of the bungalow, hence the lovely space we had for the metal shed!

God blessed us with a dry day, and I slathered on my thick white cream, and covered all my extremities etc against the sunshine.  (Longer story short)  Conifer hedging stuck out too far to get the shed through without dismantling it (never again will I help erect a metal shed in a bad winter, holding the frame  up on my own in freezing rain, whilst the men were in the cosy garage trying to work out the instructions (Sorry, I digress, it would have been easier with the photos!)

Long story as short as I can make it...........the conifer hedge was in the way! Soooo a quick (ish) trip home to the other end of the village for the chain saw, and big trailer!  All started to go well. albeit dusty and dirty) until we discovered that our absentee neighbour, had tied up his 6ft tall fence (posts) to the trunks of our (inherited, ancient conifer trees!  So now we have a beautiful section of our garden with tall, unsightly conifer trunks, BUT, we don't have to look at them as our garden room extension hides most of them, for now!

At last the metal shed could be lifted high above the boundary, (by the three of us) and settled in the far corner behind the tall silver birch tree, and makes a nice feature of it)  And surprisingly the shed was incredibly light and makes a nice feature of where the compost bins were!  It's screwed down onto it's base, and I have already put the gardening tools in it that I use regularly, and some planted up pots around the front and side to make a feature of it!

One weary happy bunny, keeping her fingers crossed that it might deter the neighbourhood  cats from using it as through route to get the neighbour's and making her dog go bonkers!

Thank you for popping by!  I am off to solve the puzzle of missing photos!