Wednesday 10 October 2007

More Bottle Cap Charms

The following bottle caps I have scanned before I put the finishing touches of chains and beads on them.

They are really enlarged on here than they are in real life - that is why the quality of the photos look a bit blurred at times.

The bottle tops after being beaten with a hammer, are less than an inch square.

They would make great key rings, mobile phone or hand bag charms, pendants, charm bracelets - with the addition of the appropriate extras.

I have lots of ideas for Christmas presents for these sorts of things.

I might highlight her headdress with silver paint.

This is framed all around like the others - for some reason the scan didn't pick it up.

Another black and white vintage lady

Little cherub

This will coloured one by me will be hung diamond fashion so the eye is central - I forgot to scan it that way!

Lady in red