Monday 22 March 2010

Inspired by Linda Elbourne in Craft Stamper April Issue

I made this altered beer mat following Linda's instructions in the magazine - and did it my own way, improvising with my own stash when I didn't have the same things.
I made a template of the beer mat using some recycled brown hardboard.
Then I coloured it with distress ink, and stamped it with stamps originally from Katy's Corner

I embossed half of it with the Cuttlebug spotty folder which made it look lighter

I stamped on some card and coloured it with the same distress ink and mounted it into a book plate, and attached it.

I stamped the Tim Holtz bird on a branch stamp onto card

Coloured it, and cut it out and adhered it to the mat.

I then coated the bird and branch with Glossy Accents' to give added definition and texture
It's not quite dry yet - but I couldn't wait until tomorrow to take a photo

It's the little things that sometimes inspire you the most.

I was re-reading through April Craft Stamper magazine - and was inspired by another featured artist Linda Elbourne

A lovely lady sent me the same beer mats that Linda uses - I said a private thankyou - but publicly I am saying another thank you as it has enabled me to finally have a go at these.  (Sorry I can't put her name or she might be inundated with requests for beer mats - and might end up paralytic)

This is my first effort so not very good - but it is symbolic - and special to me.

A few days ago, I was sitting in the garden in the early evening, relaxing after all the digging I had done.  So what's special about that you might ask?

Well, I was fortunate to get the very latest hearing aids a few days before, and as I sat there I was overwhelmed at hearing the birdsong.  It was beautiful - so many birds - so many sounds - it brought a tear to my eyes I have to admit.  I could hear my chickens before, and the occassional pigeon cooing - but the chorus of birds all around was quite a revelation.

I can see that this isn't very good at all - it's my first attempt.
I covered the beer mat with silver plumbers tape (self adhesive)
Then I embossed it through my Wizard, and coloured it spring green

Went over the floral raised embossing with alcohol inks.
The dovecote, dove and sentiment were stamped on card which was covered in the plumbers tape

It's hanging in the studio,with the date on the back - of the day I heard the birdsong