Tuesday 17 August 2010

How doth my journal grow!

Well very slowly is the answer as it takes so much time!

But I am getting there slowly

I have finally managed to sew all the signatures/pages in - which took me a few days to do, and today I glued on the outer cover.
As usual my photography skills leave a lot to be desired but you get the overall idea.
The material is a scrap/offcut I found and is really rich in colour with a lot of gold on it.
I made a padded name plate which looks much better in real life as you can see the printing very clearly on it - but not in the photo.

Because this is a story journal, it is taking me a long time to do, so I decided to assemble it and then do the  remainder of the story a bit at a time. 
It was a bit soul destroying seeing all the pages etc loose in a bag and it wasn't tempting me to do any more to it - it was too daunting.
The above left is a serviette which I have painted over, which  has turned it from a paper napkin glued on  - to looking like a delicate painting with room for some journalling.

Here are a few more pages.......
They look so much better now that they are sewn to make a book, and more tempting to fill now
I used a skein of embroidery cotton - which I bought in  a charity shop - I just sewed it on with a zigzag stitch and I like the effect.
I have so many more pages apart from these - but it takes too long to upload them all.

These will look so different once they get the text and images on them.
All closed up
I just wish you could see all the gold work in the photo - it positively gleams in  daylight.

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