Saturday 16 January 2010

Haven't seen this in a long time!

We have rain - oh look - some spikey green stuff that I haven't seen for such a long time!

Grass !  The blue tits are busy flying in and out of their green pottery bird house hanging on the pergola

No sign of the bantam babes in Peckingham Palace

They are off out before the heavy rain comes

No sign that they have been perching on the strawberry pots!
Couldn't find them under the hedges.

What's that up there?
Will zoom in and see!

Morning Gozzie and Scrabble - found any insects?

Oops its starting to rain heavily now - are you going back inside?
Scrabble: " Come on Gozzie, quick, Daisy's under here and its cozy and dry."

The rain is tipping it down now - so I left them too it - I am staying inside in the warm, got some cooking to get done today and cakes to bake tomorrow before I am off out on a mission - more of that Monday.  I am so excited!