Wednesday 31 October 2012

Playing with polymer clay

I've been playing with polymer clay - making 'button' size discs for a swap I joined.   I spent a day making them, baking them, sanding them, and painting them.  Then disaster struck.  I had painted some with Verday metallic paint, and opened the lid of the Verday patina in readiness to spray some of it on the discs, when somehow, and I haven't a glue how it happened, the bottle flipped over and covered my table with all with it's contents, including everything I had made - so ruined everything.  Books, painted clay, which included flowers and moulded heads and so much more.  I was gutted.  Doesn't liquid go a long way, and isn't it hard to clear it all up.  I was gutted!  What I couldn't dry, I left out to dry, and today when I went back in - everything it came in contact had turned blue - and the untreated clay was wet and boggy - so back to square one.
 This time I have experimented and mixed colours
 And just had fun and experimented
 And involved different techniques
 These are straight out of the oven
 Having been baked for 30 minutes at 130 degrees
 In real life they look very much brighter, and this one for example, has sparkling gold which appears lime green in this photo!
All the  polymer clay has yet to be sanded  to make any rough bits smooth.
 The above do not look much - but wait until you see what they look like when I transform them into earrings to match the pendants.
 Sanding also creates a shine - it's hard work though.
 Then after that I will give them a couple of coats of Rennaisance wax

Then I will give them a really really good polish.

All of which I will do tomorrow!