Thursday 26 January 2012

More experimental beads.

I have been making some moulds 'behind the scenes' which I won't be using for a while, so thought I would post you my latest work in progress.

Last night I thought I would have a go at the  'Skinner Method' but went wrong somewhere - I think I wasn't using enough polymer - just using up leftovers.  Waste not want not is my motto!

I used two shades of pink and fuschia and a tad bit of metallic blue

Everyone is different - absolutely no two beads the same

It'll be interesting to see what they look like after baking

These beads a teeny weeny ones.

This is blue clay - and I mixed blue glitter into to it - lots of it.
When I went to make the holes last night, the beads were just too tiny to make a hole big enough to thread onto wire or beading 'tiger tail' so I had to redo them this morning into rounder beads.

Off to get them out of the oven!

Well they all baked up fine - so my next job is to sandpaper them all.
It's not my favourite job, and takes a long time !

Monsieur Moth - update

Thank you for all  your wonderful comments and suggestions on how to fix a 'hangy' thing to turn my moth into a pendant.

I didn't drill it - too scary.

But whilst searching for some charms to create moulds out of  (the shop only had teeny weeny ones)  I did spot a teen weeny charm that I thought would be ideal for a fixing - so here it is!

The light is not doing the back any favours - as it's showing a close up of every little thing.  When making something as complicated as this - and with several 'firings' you just can't get the back totally smooth - there are too many elements - and even if it looks smooth when you bake it - it never stays that way.  The solution is to sandpaper it - but as this was fragile and with so many curves, I have just left it.

I might give it another coat of paint at the back - but realistically no one will see the back!