Sunday 13 June 2010

Daydreaming and busy buzzing bees

It's been so very very hot and I had to stay indoors out of the sun.  Instead I sat in the conservatory and looked out of the windows onto the garden.

Little bantams chasing butterflies and insects, hiding in amongst all the flowers and shrubs laying eggs that I can never find - and just running around full of joy.
In the flowerbed near the window, there were bees buzzing in and out of the orange calendula, and alstromeria, and very soon they had a 'coat' of orange dust on their backs as they collected pollen.

I thought I saw a little fairy amongst the flowers - but I must have been day-dreaming.  Or was I?

Well there's a little bee - whizzing around so fast it's a bit blurry

I wasn't dreaming - there is a little fairy nestled in the flowers
There is gold fairy dust on her wings and crown but it is hard to see, it did look so lovely in the sunshine though

She's a fairy princess called Jasmin, with her magical bumble bees

And she is hiding a surprise for little Kerys on her birthday

It's a magic wallet!  Keep watching that money

You blinked and missed it!
It's jumped from one side to the other!
Open it one way and the money is on one side - close it and open it again - and its jumped to the other!

These days children seem to want money instead of presents, but I do miss the 'old days'. 
We will be adding a cheque too of course for Mum and Dad to put into her savings account.
I do think it is nice to have something that no-one else will have, their very own magical fairy wallet!

Slim enough to pop into an envelope - and can be used for all sorts of occassions other than a birthday.  And something that will last longer than a birthday card - hopefully! 

Stamps used:  Stampotique designed by Jo Capper Sandon are:  Jasmin, tiny bee, crown, and bow heart.  Available as before from Happy Daze -  and a link in my side bar.

The fabulous template for the magic wallet is a download from Time For Crafting  -  and a link in side bar.
It's called 'Jacob's Wallet'. 

The great thing about the templates on Time For Crafting is that you can use your own imagination and turn them into anything you like - as I have done here to create something a little bit different.

I am entering this in the Lots to do Challenge