Friday 17 July 2009

Cornish Heritage Farm - Summer Challenge

I have been joining in the weekly Cornish Heritage Farm Summer Challenge and quite a challenge it has turned out to be - for me!

For a start, I hadn't made many cards - and now I am 'forced' to make one each week. I could made an alternative project, but I really haven't had the time.

I was out this morning, and lunch time and early afternoon we had the most horrendous storm again, right over where I live. The power kept going off - and we got hailstones again, and the roof leaked in the conservatory at one end - because they haven't been yet to repair the last damage.

But - I was able to protect the chair and catch the water - so no big deal, nothing got soaked except some towels.

It did give me the opportunity to try out the 'Resist' challenge for this week!

Oh my gosh - did I find it hard! Had several attempts - and this is my final effort.

Using a lace background stamp from Cornish Heritage Farm, I stamped in clear ink onto card stock, used clear embossing powder, and heated from the reverse (as per instructions on a tutorial on their site (using different stamps).

I inked over it with Hazelnut, then ironed off the embossing powder. The other two CHF stamps you have seen me use before - and these were stamped in the usual way.

I mounted them all onto a deep purple/maroon card which I had previously stamped with Hazelnut using the Lace background stamp, so the pattern is the reverse to that of the white backing paper. I 'grunged' the little label on the tag I made too.

It is a nice effect in real life.

Looking through some magazines as I was sorting out, I noticed that the 'in thing' seems to be scattering a few petals around your art work - so I scattered all the ones I have - and luckily the colour matched - perhaps it will get my entry noticed for all the right reasons this week. LOL

Will this inspire me I wonder?

I have had a really hectic week, with mostly just the evenings at home, and those evenings I have spent sorting out storage for my studio and getting more organized

It didn't cost much to do - all the units were a bargain price and came ready assembled. I just need to label all the drawers and sort out the corner which you can't see!

I am the sort of person that can't stand working in a mess - I like to be organized, and be able to find things quickly and easily - especially as my memory is not what it used to be.

Hopefully this will inspire me to use up all the things that I have found.

And of course - in the coming months, fill up those empty drawers with stash if I am lucky!