Thursday 25 February 2010

A bit of Oh La La - from beans

It's been a whole week since I have been able to do any crafting, but I was determined to do so today - even though it was tipping it down with rain and my studio shed is at the end of the garden.

Patrick thinks I am mad - I am convinced - but I do feel a bit stir crazy being hemmed indoors in our little bungalow day in day out in grim weather - there is only so much reading a gal can do!
We went into a biggish town about ten miles from us to get some shopping.
We had some store vouchers and I wanted to use them before they ran out of date

So I bought a tin of beans because I wanted to alter it.
Not eaten the beans though - sigh.

 Click photos to enlarge
I covered the tin with a piece of cardstock which had some French words on it, and some gold patterning.  So I stamped some smaller words and French images and embossed them with gold.

I did a heat tranfer of an image onto cream satin
and added a French stamp

Slinky satin, embossed images of all things French
Can you see where this is going?

The lovely material drape in the background I bought in a charity shop
yesterday after I had been to my weekly Adult Education class
And as soon as I saw it I thought - Oh La La.
So off I went to a great blog I follow here Ink Stained Roni
and downloaded the pattern.
I then commited sacrilege and copied it, drawing it in a smaller size.

I cut out the corset from the peach material.
Then I stamped the middle panel with a lace pattern
Then coloured it with Promarkers, and painted
the flower centres with gold.
And coloured the rest of it with Promaker.
And glued it on!

Off to daydream of summer weekends in France