Saturday 11 August 2012

Advice taken - regarding the altered box plus..........

I just wanted to thank everyone for their honest opinion of my art work - and especially regarding the box I altered.

I added a smidgen of gold rub and buff to the translucent polymer clay 'plaits' and it's made all the difference - so thanks for that.

I thought you might like to see my latest hobby!
At the ripe old age of 60 something, I have decided to have a go at something that I have always wanted to do -learn to play the piano. 

And yes - well spotted - this is a state of the art Yamaha keyboard - it's one that I have borrowed from the lady who is teaching me - but I have been lucky to find one, like new, on the Internet.
I had one lesson yesterday - and despite my bent fingers and on of my little ones which tucks under the next one - my tutor reckons that I will do well.

The hour was spent talking to me, explaining things about the keyboard, making a list of things I need to buy, and as she is convinced I will be able to play, I've bitten the bullet and bought the equipment!

I expect a lot of you must play something - or did at school - all that passed me by, so I am starting right from the beginning! How to read music - yikes.

I spent an hour in my garden studio where I have the keyboard - our home is too tiny to house it in here - and finally mastered the first page that I was given of a tune.  My homework was to learn the first line!

With no instructions with this one - I have been having a play, and found that it plays songs all on its own - so I can pretend!  It has a whole orchestra of instruments everything you can think of!  It'll be amazing if I can manage to bash out a recognisable tune!

So from now on, once a week, I'll be having a lesson - and maybe by Christmas I'll be able to play something to entertain my family or at least my grandson.  Or is that being too ambitious.

Little Luke is 6 and learning to play the guitar at school - we could form a group !