Saturday 21 July 2012

Verday painting - 2nd stage

Well I never thought that I would have the patience to wait for 48 hours - and I didn't, so after 36 hours the charms looked like this.
The top left one I had given a bit of a rubbing earlier.

I dropped the charms into a jar of cold water to get rid of the excess patina.

I was quite pleased with how the above turned out  after buffing - it looks much better in real life - like an old found oriental tablet.  To wear it as a pendant I'll need to add a backing or a bezel.

 I gave this one another buff and it shined up better.
 I was really surprised at how the iron pieces changed after the treatment.
 The patina has changed them into a truely rough feeling iron
 This one makes me laugh every time I look at it.
First glance it looks like a warrior out of Planet of  Apes
Or maybe a profile of a dog's head with a funny hat on.
But what it actually is, is an Egyptian find.  You can see the plaited hair on the right hand side, the snake head dress, and the head is turned to the right in the photo, leaning on his/her shoulder.  I don't have a clue why its gone shiney in places, and only rusty around the head - but I love the look
This is one of the teeny weeney bird charms - wish I had made them bigger as they were a job for me to do
 This looks really lovely in real life - a lot richer in colour and very shiney on the metal bits
 The other tiny one - not identical if you look closely.
 A few leaves I made the other day.
 This one was a potential disaster which I managed to rescue.
I rubbed the centre a bit too hard as it was difficult to do - again it's only small about 10p in size.
I managed to rub off the metal paint on the centre piece and it looked like ivory - which was nice - but didn't suit the plaque it's on.  I used some silver on it which has really improved it and I think tomorrow I will flood the centre piece with varnish or something which should really make it pop!

'Just' got to add the rings to turn them into charms or pendants now!

So I'll do those tomorrow afternoon and show the finished objects - then you can decide it they are good enough to enter into the swap.