Friday 20 June 2008

Zutter - my new toy. My first project

I treated myself to a toy - a Zutter - a little binding machine

Here are the binding wires. And together with some papers I cut out, I made simple little book for my 7 year old granddaughter's birthday.

This is not meant to be 'arty' but just a little book for a little girl to draw in, write in, stick photos, in - just a bit of fun.

The front and rear pages I cut using thick card and stamped and embossed and inserted a favourite photo of her. The pages all line up but as I was taking photos - in a rush - some will look a bit askew.

I cut a 4" x 4" piece of plastic to protect the front cover as it has the photo on it.

For the internal pages I cut quite a number of plain card - coloured one side only, so that my little granddaughter can write or draw on them.

This is a photo of her chicken Lucy who lives with me. She can write or draw on the plain page opposite telling a bit about her chicken.

Interspersed between the plain pages I have insert a few decorated ones - just as a surprise, and flowery sheets.

Little touches to make it look a bit pretty, but still with room for her pictures.

More pages

Some printed pages to mount things on or to leave as they are.

I made a page with a little pocket - this has some tags inside which can be used, then other little 'treasures' can be put in there.

Pages in between - then a fancy little page at the end.

The rear page of the book. The inside cover of which has been embossed with a little message from me.

Once I had cut, decorated and assembled the pages, I put them in the Zutter machine to punch out the holes, then inserted a length of the binding wire which I had previously cut to size. inserted it through the pages in one go, then put them in the machine to squeeze it together.

I finished it off with lots of fluffy wools and ribbons in her favourite colours which I fluffed up after taking the photos - to hide the wires