Tuesday 25 October 2011

Odd sized art

Well I have made a start by  joining in an 'odd sized art' swap.   The size I found awkward to do -
13.5cm x 6.5cm.

It's a three for three swap.
For 'Auriculas' above I glued a vintage book page onto thick card and built up the layers.

This one has a vintage print, which I framed in a faux wood frame (it's made of cardboard and I have layered on different coloured inks until I got the effect I wanted.)  It's meant to convey a picture on display in an art gallery in France - hence the vintage type faded 'wallpaper' it's displayed on.

I stamped the backing paper, used a torn image from an old newspaper stamped across the bottom, added a small stamp in the bottom left hand corner - and just had to use the sentiment stamp I found in a bag of old mixed rubber stamps - it really appealed to me.

They went in the post this afternoon - and I made another one for me later.
( I don't think I have much if any of my artwork - I seem to join in swaps and send it all off!)

I have just finished the above for myself.

Inked and stamped paper (a Crafty Individuals letter stamp).  A torn vintage image, a row of lace top and bottom which I coloured to tone in with the paper - and the paper flower which I coloured dark brown but looks rather red in the photo just to finish it off.

Thank you Sam for the nudge and the lovely RAKS tags you sent me, I really appreciate your kindness

Sunday 23 October 2011

One large kick up the rear applied!

Well how do you get your mojo going again huh?   I have been searching for ways to force me to do things - apart from staying indoors - and working myself to a standstill in the garden.

So yesterday  I took the plunge and found a new venue yesterday, which has just opened in a 'lock up' on a farm near me, and have signed up for a one to one beading session the first day in November. 

My best friend loved beading and made such beautiful things, that I thought I just had to have a go.  If I learn the basics, then I can go arty crafty and put my own stamp/take on things - which will be good.

Years ago, I used to make lots of soaps and body creams using beeswax from the village beekeeper - but bars of soap seem to have gone out of 'fashion' - and there are only so many bars you can use if you do like it!  Sharing the unit I visited yesterday was another lady who makes organic hand washes, and hand lotions, and one of them uses goats milk - perfect - and no, it doesn't smell of goats, she uses oils too.   So I have signed up for a one to one lesson with her too.

And the third thing I have done is to sign up for Mary Greens Christmas Glue Book Class  which went online early this morning.   There is a link to her site in my right hand column.    I have paid for the course, downloaded the information, printed out the images and backing paper sheets, and am raring to go!   The first lesson starts on November 6th.   If you like Vintage Victorian - you'll love this.

I don't want to give too many secrets away - but after the course, you'll have time to use the images for Christmas cards and other projects too.  And they are not too 'twee' and are from Mary's own collections.  Pop over and have a look

Monday 17 October 2011

Bring on the girls!

You haven't been seeing much of my girls lately - so much going on!  You can see Daisy, Maudie and can you see Dolly in amongst the flowers

I cleaned out their run and Peckingham Palace on Saturday
Here they are giving it an inspection and spreading the bedding around

It's hungry work
This was lunch time - after which they spent the rest of the day scratching about in the garden

It must be  4pm - they are gathering outside the kitchen door letting me know it's tea time.

Dolly the Silkie in the foreground has started moulting and has been preening herself.
When the others flew over to join the queue the feathers flew everywhere making a real mess of the lawn.  It rained a few minutes after they went into their run for the evening so I didn't get a chance to feather pick the garden.  Tsk.

Oh dear - I posted this on the wrong blog - it should be on my allotment blog.  I am too tired to retype it - sorry if  you thought it was a work of art!

Saturday 15 October 2011

Thankyou so very much Pat

I received an airmail package with a lovely gift inside wrapped up in this pretty paper from Pat Winter
Her blog, with her beautiful work fills me with awe, and she always has a story to tell I try to visit most days - it's a joy.

A few weeks ago when I visited, Pat was having a giveaway to celebrate her birthday
I was staggered when I saw this .  There ended up with 111 comments - but for the first time ever the random number generator picked No.14 and that was me!

 I am very proud to have in my possession all these amazing goodies,
Pictures printed on material, packets of little embellishments, 

Colour co-ordinated pieces of lovely fabric and some gorgeous hand dyed silk ribbon for sewing.

I am so grateful and it really lifted my spirits - thank you Pat.
I have a copy of your book, and really want to try Crazy Quilting, and I really think that this winter will be the time I start.  With your thoughful collection it really has convinced me that perhaps I really can make something.  You have no idea how much I appreciate your kindness.
(A little thank you is flying across the pond as I type)

I think I am getting a bit philosophical in my old age - and here's why

I have been 'overshadowed' with a great sadness for a while as a very dear friend of mine has been really poorly.   But this weekend I really feel that somehow she has been trying to  motivate me or cheer me up  from 'afar.'

Firstly I received this wonderful gift.

Then last night for the first time ever I went to a quiz evening in a little village near us to help raise funds for it's bowls club.   I bought some raffle tickets - (I've not won any raffles before)  But the most amazing thing happened.  Out of the several hundred tickets sold my number was called out first!  I couldn't believe it!   I chose a box of mushrooms - as it was being held at a mushroom farm.  I could have had wine, spirits, chocolates and all manner of goodies - but just picked mushrooms are just the best - I could eat them like chocolates.

We were still celebrating - and the laughter of my picking the mushrooms hadn't died down - when the third number called was another of my tickets!  This time we picked a bottle of nice Champagne - either for a donation to another fund raising event or for Christmas.   Then a while later yet another of my tickets was chosen - at this point I was so embarrassed that I told them to draw another ticket.

Was all this a co-oincidence - or was my dear friend, wherever she is - working her magic to lift my spirits?
I like to think it's the latter.

I can't pretend to be happy, but I will be giving myself a kick up the rear, and start crafting again - it's just what she'd have wanted.

But it might take me a little time.

Till then I will be visiting your blogs and seeing what you are doing.

Oh I have just noticed the quote of the day today - its.....

Quote of the Day
How delightful to find a friend in everyone.
Joseph Brodsky
I doubt I will ever have a friend as special as you my dearest - but I think I am receiving your messages loud and clear