Wednesday 15 January 2014

A life made by hand journal page 3

I will never look at the Sunday supplements as 'rubbish','junk' a 'waste of paper' again.

I have been looking through them with 'different' eyes for supplies and inspiration
for art journalling.   Gluing and sticking is probably a better term for what I am 
doing at the moment.  The 'art' perhaps will come later!

 The background and wording and the backing paper
are all from the Sunday supplement magazines.

The  blue backing paper is in fact a shuttering on a window which I managed to cut enough little strips, and turned them on the side and shaded!
I have inked around the lettering to make it show up - I think that was from a food advert which I cut and took out the words I wanted to turn into a prompt!

This is the journalled page.
I am not being 'picky' about my writing as Kelly Kilmer said not too.
I think that it will improve if I could find a pen that will write better on shiny paper
and also if I practice writing more.  I have been typing for so long on a computer
my writing has suffered as a consequence!

If any of you know of a pen that will definitely work on shiny surfaces I would very much appreciate the name and a link too if possible.

Thank you for looking

Sunday 12 January 2014

A life made by hand - journal page 2

I managed to get another journal page done this afternoon.
This course differs from the others in that it is not an arty painty
type journal - its more like the very old original idea of scrapbooking
of 50-60 years ago - but with the twist of journalling  your thoughts.

I am not photographing this one close up as I have journalled 
from a prompt  and it is personal to me.

It is very liberating just cutting and gluing, then picking a prompt
totally unrelated to the pictures - and just write.

Kelly Kilmer stressed not to worry about our handwriting, as it doesn't
have to be beautiful - one just has to write what flows out of our brain.

A first for me!

Saturday 11 January 2014

First attempt at my online journal course

Well it was about time I dived in feet first and had a go - wasn't it.
I must confess that I am finding it very very difficult.
I made my first page - then didn't know when to stop - as is usual with me
and ended messing it up, and it is in fragments in the bin!

This is my second attempt
I have had to photograph this on A4 white paper to make it show up better.
Why I chose black and white I do not know - I was just taken by the
image of the very elegant lady in a weekend magazine.
I had to resize her and cut her out of all the advertising, and outline her,  The background is strips of papers
torn and glued with a glue stick - and a bit of painting in the right hand corner.
I haven't braved any of the journalling on it yet - that is my down fall.  I will take my time and read some prompts to get subject ideas.
I really do not want this one to end up in the bin!

As I am following instructions which give no sizes, I am just using random pages torn from on old dictionary.   As you can see it is rather a  big page!

It is proving to be a relaxing past time -  but one needing lots of space and choice of papers.

I think that if I keep practising it should get easier - at least I hope it does