Monday 2 January 2012

It's been a while - Happy New Year

Playing with Polymer Clay.  I was so lucky to get some Polymer Clay and books for my birthday and Christmas presents.  We've had a busy time as has everybody over Christmas - so I made time this morning to have a bit of an experimental play.

None of the following are finished examples - they have been cooked - but not finished off yet - I just wanted before and after photos.
 I have managed to make some leaves - yet to be painted - and next I want to have a go at some roses.
This is a bit of a cheat - I made a mould - it's not as easy as one assumes it will be!

This one is a bit clearer to see.  

 A little cameo  - which I need to paint - or not.   Like all the others it needs a bit of sandpapering.
And yet another cameo in white.  I'll have to get it under my magnifier to sand it - her nose looks like it needs some attention.

I'd best look up how you paint polymer clay.

I was quite pleased that I baked them without them burning.   I have been busy bulk cooking really large pumpkins today - so when they had finished I popped these in to the oven between two tins so they had their own little oven - and just turned the oven off and left them to it for half an hour or so.