Monday 16 March 2009

ATC Sunshine

Whilst sorting out my stamps for storage, I discovered a Paper Artsy plate that I bought second hand last year.

As we had just got back from a walk in the sunshine on the coast, I thought I would have a go using it.

I cut an ATC out of mountboard and applied and blended shades of yellow red and orange inks, to create 'heat'.

I stamped on the Sun image plate, then painted the 'petals' with Ecoline gold ink.

Once dry I used a Krylon 18kt gold pen on top give extra emphasis on the 'leaves' around the eye. To not only suggest the gold of the sunshine, but also of 'eyelashes'.

I finished it off by outlining the ATC with Krylon gold pen. It looks rather vibrant in the sunlight and really gleams and glitters with the golds.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Fly me to the moon ATC

After sorting out some of my stamps, I tried out one of my 'new to me' second hand stamps and made this ATC. I haven't made any for ages. I am existing on just three hours sleep today, so didn't want to take on too big a task.

As usual, click photos to enlarge

As usual the photography leaves a lot to be desired, this is much brighter in daylight and the image has been embossed with clear embossing powder to make it 'leap' off the page.

I have used mountboard again - a great surface to work on, and have been practicing stippling and blending.

More inspiration from Craft Stamper Magazine.

In this month's issue, as well as lots of good ideas, and techniques, they had a very useful tip for storing stamps.

As I have bought some second hand ones very recently I thought I might have a go at their storage ideas.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually some of the things so didn't have to improvise.

I did these on Sunday morning before we went away for the night.

These are ATC sized stamps I bought from MADJAK.

The remainder of the MADJAK plates, and a dragon fly.

The above are some of the ones I just bought second hand.

It took ages to do, as I had to stamp them, if I didn't have an image of them, and then laminate the images, cut them up and put them into the pockets.

These are ones that came from Elusive images - in their sale a while back.

More second hand ones from various places

And yet more

I still have some I need to do, but think I will just tackle a page at a time.

But it is a great idea, and they take up much less room than having them in a box or video boxes, and by cutting up the plates and displaying them this way - you get to see all your stamps.

And guess what - I used a couple.