Wednesday 12 December 2012

What to do with a bit of wire and an hour of time


Mr Lottie can't go out on his own at the moment, so I went with him to another bowls match last night - in the freezing fog, through dark twisty country lanes.  Last week I took a thick book to read - but this week I took a book - plus 'emergency distractions'.  It's just as well I did.  Watching men playing bowls is just marginally more interesting than watching paint dry! 

I tried imaging them as the  Chippendales but it was just too difficult with men aged from their 70's to 80's - even though my dear husband did look rather similar to the chap on the far right of the photo on the link when he was in his prime!

The book I dashed to the village library to get yesterday afternoon wasn't much of a distraction either - especially as the chaps did like to stop and have a natter inbetween bowling - must be a bit boring even for them?  Or maybe it was because I was the only woman there. One cheeky old man even asked me if I was reading "50 Shades of Grey"  - I told him to wash his mouth with soap - and that was I reading a murder mystery!

Luckily I took a box with some jewellery tools, wire, and beads to have a go at making a bird's nest.

It takes 5 feet of wire for each nest, and three beads, and a lot of patience!

 Each nest is slightly smaller than the tiny English one penny!
They took an hour each to make.  The one is this photo is five to six times the size of the actual nest I made!
 I didn't have egg shaped beads only these tiny little pearls.  

I am not sure if I like the woven loop on this one - I might chop it off - I'll wait and see what it looks like on a chain or ribbon first.  You wouldn't believe that the background is a white sheet of paper would you - goodness knows why it turns blue when photographed

Mr L says that they don't look like birds eggs because they are shiny and need painting - he's not quite got the concept of imagination and jewellery.

Oh, I nearly forgot - I am sure that you are all on the edge of your seats to know how the bowls match went.
Hmm.  I wasn't the most favourite 'lady' as my mobile phone rang during the matches.  It never rings as it's only for emergency.  It's very very loud as I have a hearing loss and it's made especially for that.

40 grey heads swivelled towards me as I rummaged in my bag, grabbed my phone and dashed out!  It was my eldest son phoning as he'd been phoning home and there wasn't any answer and he was worried about MrL as one of us is always at home.  Bless him.  I did make him giggle when he asked why I was whispering and told him where I was and what happened!  

Mr L's team wasn't faring very well, the other team had some lucky breaks apparently so there were crossed arms and glum faces as he bowled the last wood (He's the Skip). to my end of the green.

And he worked a miracle - he whacked the others woods out of the way and got 5 points which won the game.  I forgot where I was, and did an involuntary impersonations of Andy Murray's mum at the Olympics.  I shook both clenched fists, jumped out of my seat, punched the air and shouted "Yessssss - Atta boy "  'That's my man!!!" And jumped up and down!!!   

I think that the man who asked me if I was reading "50 Shades of Grey" might have thought that I had been after all.  I got a few frowns and a lot of smiles and the very reserved players were rather shocked that the sedate game of bowls had an excited cheer leader at the end.   After the shaking of hands all round - there were big smiles from the winners, and Mr L - who's a bit deaf bless him - said, "Did you say anything when I bowled the winning shot?"   "Just a bit"  I replied - and told him on the way home of that and all the converastions  the old boys had had with me whilst waiting their turns to bowl.  From the techicalities of the match, to wives hobbies, crochet, childrens and grandchildrens hobbies and careers, the phone interluide, and my rather  over exuberant  out pouring of joy of my conquering hero.  His next match, God willing, is at the end of January, and they'll all have forgetten me by then!

I'll not posting until after the weekend - hope you all have a good one