Wednesday 22 July 2009

Take time to enjoy your day - CHF Challenge

Each week I have been joining in the weekly Cornish Heritage Farm Summer Challenge and I have found each one more difficult than the last.

This challenge especially so.

It is called 'Make a Scene' and the challenge is to make a scene with a least one (or more) stamps from the CHF range.

I haven't had time to build up the collection of stamps - yet - from Cornish Heritage, so have been limited with what I can do!

I was really stuck with this one - until last night - when I was out in my studio in the garden and saw the sunset - and started to day dream.

The stamp I have used is from the Rummage Bin and called 'Sweet Little One'. It's a collage stamp - so I have just used a small portion of it. The little girl crouching.

So I daydreamed about a little girl playing out in the meadow on the farm, having a wonderful time - until mummy calls her in for bed time. She crouches down and plays hide and seek waiting for her mum to find her, almost camouflaged in her pink dress, and the wild flowers, and the reflection of the sun as dusk begins to fall. You can almost feel the anticipation on her face as she is keeping as quiet as she can - and wondering if mummy will find her - which of course she does, sweeping her up off her feet, giggling as she is carried indoors for supper.