Monday 1 March 2010

A chocolate kiss from the USA

A week ago I received a surprise package from the USA

It was a lovely Valentine's surprise from the wonderful Pat

I am beginning to think that we don't celebrate enough in the UK.
Take Valentine's Day for instance.  We send a Valentine or celebrate it with our loved one.
Whereas is the USA , having read a lot of blogs, it seems that they spread their love around to include others.  I think that is brilliant, and I will do so myself in future.
But take a close look at what Pat has made

Isn't  it just cute, and dainty and feminine?
Guess what was inside?
A chocolate kisses tea bag! 
I have never seen these before have you?

So tomorrow afternoon, I shall experience for the very first time
Chocolate kisses in a cup of tea.

*****Oh I forgot to take a photo*****
I also received one of the gorgeous little heart Valentine brooches Pat made.
It is pinned to a jacket in my wardrobe - I will take  a photo tomorrow.

Thank you so very much Pat.

(I am currently working on a couple of projects for two people in the USA)
So might not be blogging much this week