Sunday, 23 August 2009

Do you get times when you just can't feel inspired?

Well I am going through one of those spells now.

I forced myself out into the studio this afternoon - but really couldn't think of anything I wanted to do.

After sitting on my office chair eating a choc - ice and just lazily spinning around, my eye fell on my mobile phone - wishing it to ring - but it didn't!

It's ugly - so I made a bag to hide it!

Yet another recycling project.

I want to try to make bag - or two, so for now I am just playing about on a smaller scale, seeing what happens on a huge learning curve.

I found a bit of cut up curtain with the lining still intact, so that made life easier. Just cut out a bag free hand,to include the hem. So it was already lined! Sewed it inside out like a tube, flattened it and the sowed the bottom seam - so that there was a seam at the back in the middle and the bottom. It is so long since I had used my sewing machine, I had forgotten how it worked!

My heart is just not 'in' to doing anything at the moment - but you have to try don't you?

I frayed some scraps and stamped the cream piece and sewed those on. The vintage image is printed on Pabric.

She is holding a silver feather charm - I wish I had a 'flapper' fan for her to hold instead!

I partly covered her with netting to 'soften' the image a bit. The light makes it look like there is glue all over it - but there isn't its how the netting on top of the nylon underneath which has made it look like that.

At the back I have punched two holes applied silver rivets (or whatever those round rings are called) and threaded through a chain. This will enable me to attach it to a bag handle (inside) so that I can find it easily, or to thread a lanyard or ribbon or chain through it - so that I can wear it around my neck when I am gardening etc.

Well I had better go and clear up my mess and pack everything away. Phew, I wish we could have a nice cool day!


mommabear said...

Some fabulous work here Carol

flutterbycrafter said...

Well you've certainly got your mojo back. It's fantastic, love it. What warm days are you having? We don't get many here, we're very high up and it's been windy all weekend, and chilly when the sun goes in. Too cold for choc-ices!

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of those days....where I just cant be a**** (you know the word lol)but then when I do feel motivated its more than worth it....but I think youve still created something useful and beautiful even though your heart might not have been in it.
Hope tomorrow is a better day x

Momiji said...

great little project and again something you can use.
also hoping for cooler days!

LazyKay said...

I love this and I think her holding the feather's perfick! I like how you've positioned the lady on the script background too.


Cath Wilson said...

You're really being creative, lately. I'm impressed, Lottie. One day I'll get time to play...

Maureen Sinicola said...


I found your blog through the computer paper competion results

What imaginative projects you have done. I love the vintage look too.

i just wish I had your "lack of inspiration"

such a clever idea to make an individual mobile phone bag

I will certainly pop back again