Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Lilla's paper lady Tute

On Lilla's blog there is a tute on how to 'jazz up' a printed paper image into a Christmas paper doll

Here is my attempt

(Click to enlarge to see a close up of the netting skirt)
I cut her into sections. Next I cut out a hat shape, and glued a tiny peice of glittery red material and added a big red stickle. I used some cream netting for her skirt, enhanced some colours using promarkers, and as I didn't have any beads, I used stickles glue as beads, even on her dainty satin shoes. Finally I glued her back together onto thick card to make into a hanger or a tag not sure which. Lilla made hers a different way, but I didn't any craft sticks so had to improvise. I just love the elegance of times gone by - and those gorgeous evening gloves. I think she looks rather Regency don't you?

Lilla has this image and a Marie Antoinnette image too. Thanks for your wonderful inspiration Lilla

I loved this image so much that I have printed her onto material and am busy sewing on 'things' with the intention of using her on a bag - which I have yet to make!

A little work of art

No one feeds my fish with such flair as my grandson

He doesn't throw in great big hand fulls - just dainty little pinches of food.

Yesterday I apent from 8am until almost 4pm with my husband carrying barrow loads of hedge 'trimming' and tree branches - we had a man round to do the annual prune. We filled up a farmers 'skip' type trailer - it takes more than two tons, and Pat had to jump up and down on the contents to get them all in!

One look at my little grandson takes away all the aches and pains though

Needless to say that today I am feeling the consequences!