Monday, 24 August 2009

Recycling Experiment

Fill a sink with water

Add a cardboard box and let it soak

Then it will just all peel off - like material and when dry - gives you soft pieces to play with.

So I am playing making tags.

Just experimenting with textures, stamps, and layout. The button really is a vintage complete with the vintage cotton.

I haven't punched the holes in a couple of them yet as I am not sure if I want to layer them on top of something else.

The back of the label has label too!

Images are by Crafty Individuals - People and Places Book


Mar said...

my first visit lottie...and you have a interesting blog!...i am from norfolk too!!! virgina that is in USA.. :)
i haven't ever given thought to a cardboard box soked apart before...interesting though!

Anonymous said...

oh wow thats clever and something I would have never have known if you hadnt said.
Wonderful work....I see the mojo was flowing well today.

Claireabelle said...

What a brilliant idea!! I love these, they are fantastic

Sue said...

Now there's an idea to play with! THanks for the inspiration.

LazyKay said...

What a good outcome from your experiment. I love these pieces you've made.