Wednesday, 12 January 2011

First 12 days of my diary journal.

Well, so far I am actually finding time to fill in my daily art journal.  It does help that the squares are only 1 inch!   Not had much time to do any other art work sadly - too much going on.
As you can see it has changed quite a lot from my last post.
I real life the colourful page actually looks like it is cut out and glued on - you have to touch it to see that it is not,

I drew freehand with a thick feltip pen the wiggley border.
Then I coloured the outside with burnt orange feltip, and spent ages drawing on individual tiny circles all over it, then shaded it with oil pastels.

The colours are far more vibrant in real life - I wanted bright and cheerful colours for January as the weather is now so wet and dull and gloomy.

This close up is three times the size of the actual square.

I just love these Stampotique chicken stamps from Happy Daze which were a present from a friend I hold very dear. 
 This chicken looks just like one of mine - Dopey Dolly who is very happily laying eggs in the mid winter - when she shouldn't!