Friday, 21 August 2009

I bet you thought........................

It's all very well doing one side of the purse - but what does the back look like. As I intend to use it every day, I spent some time yesterday late afternoon playing - when the heat had died down - it was so peaceful in my garden

I am struggling a bit without many scraps to play with so the back is just plain and simple.

Firstly I had to cover the now very thin material underneath and patch up where it was falling apart. Then I cut a piece of scrap cotton to cover the material of the purse - using Bondaweb to give it support. Next a layer of the thin grey net again bonded.

On top of that a scrap - and it was the only scrap I had - of red thin nylon which I have coloured with Promarkers which I hope makes it look like a stylistic rose - and tucked under some more petals which I cut out of the grey and mounted on Vylene (sp).

I didn't have enough to cover the whole side, so found a piece of fibre thread kindly given to me by my friend 'Lazy Kay' a year or so ago - and who is not the slightest bit lazy I hasten to add! There was just enough to cover the gap, so I drizzled on some fabric friendly glue then patted on the fibre.

Voila - job done. It sits lovely in the hand and feels soft and comfy - sounds silly - but you don't want anything sticking out and scratchy - it might put you off spending!


Anonymous said...

looking good missus....
Have a nice weekend x

LazyKay said...

Oh, what a lovely restoration/alteration and so nice that it's something useable.


Anonymous said...

Lol it might put you off spending ? hehehe i think i would not be spending much as would be too entranced by the purse itself, you did an amazing job and like i said before its a beautiful thing to do too
Hugs June xxx

mommabear said...

Grest job Carol