Monday, 9 March 2009

Craft Stamper - The Magazine

I bought my copy of the Craft Stamper magazine on Friday.
Had visitors all day on Saturday, and out all day yesterday. So today I took myself off to my studio for a 'read' and to have a go at the inspirational articles in there.

I was inspired by the front page so just had to try that out first.

I had a brayer - to try out the technique, but it was not the same make - and I wonder if that made a difference because no matter how hard I tried I just could not achieve the look that Tracey has.

Maybe is was my inks. I threw so many attempts away, that I improvised to make this version.

I really love the effect of the hanging branches, the butterflies, and the fairy - but without anything remotely suitable I could use to create that fabulous look, I just had a play.

I sponged on the ink colours, created a mountain and topped it with 'snow' which I embossed. I added a misty look with white chalk ink, and using an Oriental stamp I stamped the foreground several times with water reeds at different heights.

Isn't it strange the difference in colour that photographing on a different background colour makes!

I finished it off by drawing oriental style butterflies in the centre foreground, and birds flying off into the distance.

I used some Japanese kimono ribbon, to add authenticity to my 'Land of the rising sun' but it doesn't really go does it - so will change it for an organza ribbon.

I am making tags lately, mainly because I got all the free mount board and I can try out lots of techniques. They are also make great bookmark gifts.

There are so many things in this months magazine that I want to try - it will keep me busy until next months comes out!

Tomorrow I am off to see Paula who is also featured in the magazine. I don't expect to get any creative work done though, we will be too busy talking!


Momiji said...

loving this one..great effects with the brayering and I love the whole oriental feel to it...and that kimono ribbon

Claireabelle said...

your tags are fab Lottie!

Have fun with Paula tomorow


Paula said...

oooooo me likey - youll have to give me a lesson on how to achieve this very ethereal look tomorrow!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

oooooooooooooooo yes yes are so good at taking something and giving your twist. LOVE it!!!

Allotment Lady said...

Thank you so much for your comments - very encouraging and very much appreciated.


sam21ski said...

Don't know why you're not happy with it Lottie, it looks fab from here xxxx

Sid said...

Lovely tag lottie, very effective with the snowy mountain too !

LazyKay said...

It's beautiful Lottie and I'd guess the colour and type of ink is the difference.

Lovely tutes on brayering here if you want to expand this technique.


Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, but it's gorgeous, Lottie - don't know what you're worrying about. It's probably the card that makes the difference, though - she uses a very smooth, coated card.

Hazel said...

It's gorgeous- I love that look, but have only just started playing with my brayer recently, so haven't got anything helpful to say yet! You are so creative- I dismissed that card in the mag because the style is so distinctively 'Lavinia', but you have re-interpreted it in such a wonderful way! Hope you and Paula had a good time today :)

mommabear said...

Brilliant I love the colours

craftytrog said...

A really beautiful tag Lottie! x