Monday, 3 November 2008

Bamboo Domino Tile - Green Japanese Lady - This Thursday Challenge

The following tiles I am entering for
This Thursday Challenge

These are my first 'efforts' so took me a while to do as it was by trial and error but making them certainly kick started my Mojo again.

This lady has taken me so many hours to make over three days that I think I will keep her and have her as a pendant.

I used Shellac - then a thick coating of diamond glaze and she looks like the is made of glass.

There are not any lumps and bumps - its just the reflection of the flashlight.

On the reverse I used Shellac then Crackle Glaze - I like the finish

I am just waiting on a new batch to arrive - then I have so many new ideas - so watch this space.


Audrey Virago Creations said...

These are really beautiful and unique! I love seeing what other artists are doing with the tiles.
I actually sell 16 colors of bamboo tiles and 5 different sizes - less expensive than the prices on the site you mentioned - although I'm unsure how the cost compares with shipping from the US.

lottie said...

Hi there, thank you for you comments and link to your Etsy.

I didn't have to pay postage charges on my order, and due to the exchange rate there is not much difference in the prices - and of course the time factor with delivery makes a difference.

If I need any more in the future I will take another look - but I bought 50 so they will keep me busy for a while.

Best wishes

Sue said...

It's wonderful, Lottie. Will be great as a pendant.
Love the effect of the crackle glaze.

Anonymous said...

More beautiful tiles to oo and aahh over.

Sally said...

These are beautiful, really love them. I have a few that I must really get around to altering. Love what you do to them!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely comments - much appreciated - I am still experimenting.

Hazel said...

These domino tiles look amazing! I have never thought to use Shellac, but I must try it now having seen these- I especially love the crackle finish. Very inspiring!

Rosie said...

Lottie - I am really impressed with what you've done!! I lopve your creations and am really flattered that your initial inspiration came from my blog!!
I am further inspired by your results!! How cool is that?!

Allotment Lady said...

Thanks Rosie - and its nice I think to let everyone know on a big Challenge Site like This Thursday.

Your work is wonderful

LazyKay said...

Oh, beautiful and well worth the time spend. Of course, it's my favourite colour too!


ju said...

So beautiful!x

Claireabelle said...

Simply gorgeous, I hope your wearing it lots as Im sure it will attract many comments